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Queen Marie of Romania – Dreamer of Dreams Beautiful children’s books illustrations and Romanian historical images. Winter song You are so beautiful in winter! The field stretched on its back, near the horizon, and the trees stopped running from the winter wind … My nostrils tremble and … Continue reading

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Eatin’ With Sticks When you think about it, eatin’ with ‘sticks is the natural thing to do; that is, without getting all sociological about it, it makes logical sense to handle your food with these smooth extensions of your fleshy … Continue reading

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Take the I Out- – Poetry, Poems, Bios &More Take the I Out But I love the I, steel I-beam that my father sold. They poured the pig iron into the mold, and it fed out slowly, a bending jelly in the bath, and it hardened, Bessemer, blister, … Continue reading

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First Things to Hand- – Poetry, Poems, Bios &More First Things to Hand In the skull kept on the desk. In the spider-pod in the dust. Or nowhere. In milkmaids, in loaves, Or nowhere. And if Socrates leaves His house in the morning, When he returns in the … Continue reading

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Now Winter Nights Enlarge- – Poetry, Poems, Bios &More A Dream Of Whitman Paraphrased, Recognized And Made More Vivid By Renoir Twenty-eight naked young women bathed by the shore Or near the bank of a woodland lake Twenty-eight girls and all of them comely Worthy of Mack Sennett’s … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson Quotes – The Quotations Page Self-portrait of Thompson circa 1960 in Puerto Rico “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” ………………………………. We were somewhere around Barstow on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold. I remember saying … Continue reading

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Dante and Beatrice: A Pilgrimage of Love Rossetti’s inspiration for this painting was the Vita Nuova (New Life), the Italian poet Dante’s account of his idealised love for Beatrice, and of her premature death. The death of Beatrice is symbolised by a sudden spiritual transfiguration. A … Continue reading

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