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The bear knows forty stories, but all of them are about pears…… Advertisements

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Shakespeare | Flickr – Photo Sharing! One of the Shakespeare & Company Bookstores in Paris…….. When I close a book I open life. I hear faltering cries among harbours. Copper ignots slide down sand-pits to Tocopilla. Night time. Among the islands our ocean throbs with … Continue reading

Posted in Photography | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Hakuin Ekaku’s calligraphy ‘virtue’ Within the Meditation Hall I am hated by the thousand Buddhas; In the company of myriad demons I am despised by the myriad demons. -Hakuin Ekaku Zenji

Posted in Arts | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment An enso by Torei Enji zenji….. Torei Enji was Hakuin’s most prominent disciples. He decided to become a monk at the age of five when the famous priest Kogetsu was the houseguest of Torei’s parents. His parents opposed the … Continue reading

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If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger,Thered Be a Whole Lot of Dead Copycats: This Weeks Hopper #12 Edward Hopper’s “Hotel Window” 1955 Dublinesque Down stucco sidestreets, Where light is pewter And afternoon mist Brings lights on in shops Above race-guides and rosaries, A funeral passes. The hearse is ahead, But after there follows A troop of … Continue reading

Posted in Painting | Tagged , | Leave a comment Styrofoam: “The River Breaks,” from the Putting the Morr Back in Morrissey LP (Morr Music, 2000)

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IMG_1113 | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Blossoms will run away, Cakes reign but a Day, But Memory like Melody Is pink Eternally. –Emily Dickinson

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