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MIT Museum: Collections The Museum houses over one million artifacts, prints, rare books, technical archives, drawings, photographs, films and holograms dating from 7th century BCE to today. The collections reflect the wide interests of the MIT Community from the founding in 1861, … Continue reading

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MIT Museum One of the best public science and engineering museums that you’ve never heard of. Arts as well as a direct link to the work and research at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies…

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Tell her to go to it: Womens Experiences at MIT: Maihaugen Gallery: MIT Libraries About the Maihaugen Gallery Hand colored woodcut of dogs from Icones animalivm… by Konrad Gesner, 1553. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous donor and the family of Paul G. Gregory III, the once blank corridor wall outside the … Continue reading

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The Colossal Squid Exhibition Enjoy live video from the tank and dissection room: > Wide angle camera > Dissection table > Thawing bath – fixed camera > Thawing bath – scanning camera > Rotating view – switches between cameras … Continue reading

Posted in Marine Biology | Tagged | Leave a comment Marine scientists in New Zealand on Tuesday were thawing the corpse of the largest squid ever caught to try to unlock the secrets of one of the ocean’s most mysterious beasts. No one has ever seen a living, grown … Continue reading

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Ted Rall – Yahoo! News;_ylt=AoJQbH1CMU_aDwUKPb22PkUDwLAF I understand that they are to have their emery boards confiscated and the tires of their Maserati Quattroporte’s circumcised as well! RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – A governor in northern Saudi Arabia has ordered authorities to punish men who flirt … Continue reading

Posted in Comic Books | Tagged , , | Leave a comment Sorry Chuck, but the Chinese will be a half day ahead of us if we allow that…. Ah! Sun-Flower Ah, Sun-flower! weary of time, Who countest the steps of the Sun, Seeking after that sweet golden clime Where the … Continue reading

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