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Transformation & Escape 1 I reached heaven and it was syrupy. It was oppressively sweet. Croaking substances stuck to my knees. Of all substances St. Michael was stickiest. I grabbed him and pasted him on my head. I found God … Continue reading

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harley park sunset | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Oh says Red Molly to James “That’s a fine motorbike. A girl could feel special on any such like” Says James to Red Molly “My hat’s off to you It’s a Vincent Black Lightning, 1952. And I’ve seen … Continue reading

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norwegian wood | Flickr – Photo Sharing! a large oil of mine of a saturday model…. I once had a girl, or should I say, she once had me… She showed me her room, isn’t it good Norwegian wood? She asked me to stay and she … Continue reading

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No strings attached: Tampons make you a superhero! – Broadsheet – I’d think to say they’re the best thing since sliced bread but actually I think they’re far superior…besides, sliced bread will give you a yeast infection quicker than you can say popn’fresh dough……no strings attached..

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SUs OliviaB has a birthday Monday 5 October | Flickr – Photo Sharing! My SU pal OliviaB has a birthday coming up on Monday the 5th of October and since I haven’t a clue what she looks like, she trusted me to do a portrait that is well….let’s say it’s a little … Continue reading

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Flack, political operative, speechwriter, novelist, columnist, and hack. – By Jack Shafer – Slate Magazine Old Bill sucked shit through a rag when it came to doing his prime news gathering. For those smitten with his wordsmithing trumping other weaknesses, I’d offer the Jonathon Alter or Eric Alterman pieces as proof positive that they … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Tourism Federation loses to WTF, changes name – Boing Boing Like AYDS and Beaver College, the WTF (Wisconsin Tourism Federation) got tired of being the butt of jokes and changed its name to the Tourism Federation of Wisconsin. That’s too fucking weird, if you ask me. Mnemosyne It’s autumn … Continue reading

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