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Manjushri | Tricycle I dig Manjushri ’cause he’s got a nice beat and always noodles his way through the bridge..he’s easy to dance to and leaves a nice smirk on yer beak… I’d give him a 9.95, Dick. Should he make it … Continue reading

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Opinion &62; Image &62; Another weekend, another grass-roots demonstration starring Real Americans who are mad as hell and want to take back their country from you-know-who. Last Sunday the site was Lower Manhattan, where they jeered the ground zero mosque. This weekend, the … Continue reading

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Peter Doig – Artists Profile – The Saatchi Gallery In White Creep, a vast snow-capped mountain juts upward in a way that dwarfs the sky. The snow is white and fresh, yet there is depth to it, implying that this mountain is permanently covered in snow. The snow … Continue reading

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Arts &62; Image &62; A portrait of a samurai, an 1860 salt print, attributed to the studio of C. D. Fredricks & Company.

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Thats not funny – Amazing and funny pictures Young in New Orleans starving there, sitting around the bars, and at night walking the streets for hours, the moonlight always seemed fake to me, maybe it was, and in the French Quarter I watched the horses and buggies … Continue reading

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Vivaldi Autumn I from Vivaldi’s Seasons L’Autunno Allegro Celebra il Vilanel con balli e Canti Del felice raccolto il bel piacere E del liquor de Bacco accesi tanti Finiscono col Sonno il lor godere Adagio molto F,  ch’ ogn’ uno tralasci e … Continue reading

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Pascal Parisot – Je Rest Au Lit A quoi a sert que je me rveille aujourd’hui ce sera comme hier part rien faire et brasser de l’air quitte me sentir inutile Je reste au lit partir d’aujourd’hui Je reste au lit a sert … Continue reading

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