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Adios Nonino – Astor Piazzolla Astor Piazzola interpreta “Adios Nonino” con la Sinfónica “Cologne Radio Orchestra” de Alemania. Extraído del documental “Astor Piazzolla: The Next Tango” Advertisements

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Juno Reactor – God Is God [HQ High Quality] Juno Reactor is a musical and performing act known for the cinematic fusion of electronic, orchestral, and global music. Central to the project is Ben Watkins and his collaborations with a constantly changing ensemble of musicians from across the … Continue reading

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Cam Ye Oer Frae France Cam Ye O’er Frae France Cam ye o’er frae France? Cam ye down by Lunnon? Saw ye Geordie Whelps And his bonny woman? Were ye at the place Ca’d the Kittle Housie? Saw ye Geordie’s grace Riding on a … Continue reading

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Tiny Homes With Scavenged Charm – Slide Show – Derek Diedricksen inside the Boxy Lady, one of four structures he built at his home in Stoughton, Mass., behind the 950-square-foot house he shares with his wife, two children and one very large dog.

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The $200 Microhouse – A house tour is the highlight of a visit with a proud homeowner, but when one drops in to see Derek Diedricksen, who makes playful micro-shelters out of junk, it is less so. Possibly because the temperature up here … Continue reading

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E.E. Cummings and Gertrude Stein In Stanzas in Meditation, Stein experimented with Buddhist philosophy. Davidson’s sculpture of Stein makes intentional reference to the Buddha’s pose. i carry your heart with me i carry your heart with me(i carry it in my heart)i am never … Continue reading

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W.C. Williams and Marianne Moore Marianne Moore. “He Made This Screen.” In Poems. London: The Egoist Press, 1921. He Made This Screen.. not of silver nor of coral, but of weatherbeaten laurel. Here, he introduced a sea uniform like tapestry; here, a fig-tree; there, … Continue reading

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